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Our business has always revolved around specialist equipment to help improve fish husbandry and the transport of live fish. We have been buying this equipment from many sources for over 25 years and can give you advice on what you need.

  • Crayfish traps
  • Oxygen meters
  • Transport tanks
  • Cages
  • Dip nets
  • Seine net
  • Holding tanks
  • Transport tanks
  • Fish bins
  • Oxygen diffusers
  • Regulators
  • Neoprene waders
  • Fish refuges
  • Aerators

Our experience puts us in a position to advise on various products you may need before you purchase. Most clubs and fisheries carry out basic forms of fishery management, culling (via netting, electro fishing and trapping) transport of fish and improvements to fish husbandry from time to time. With fisheries trying to maintain high stocking densities, annual fishery management regarding stocks becomes vital.

Please contact us with your needs.

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