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The most simple and cost effective way to improve your fishery.

All water bodies whether fisheries, general recreation or wildlife sanctuaries suffer from an increasing deterioration of water quality. This is caused primarily by the deposition of organic material decaying, rotting on the pond or lake base. This process causes a decrease in oxygen and an increase in acidification.

This organic material takes many forms but is usually made up of deposited leaf from surrounding vegetation. A large deciduous tree will drop the equivalent of a lorry load of leaves every Autumn. If this lorry arrived at the edge of your water and tipped its contents in, I am sure you would envisage some deterioration of water quality. The accumulative effect of having several trees dropping their leaves each Autumn will inevitably cause a problem. The chalk also helps in the breakdown of dead aquatic weeds, particularly after weed treatment.

On a highly stocked fishery, consideration must be given to the development of fish waste as produced by all livestock and uneaten bait. All this organic material will inevitably cause water quality problems after a time.

Ultra fine granulated chalk starts the process of neutralisation and aeration by penetrating the bottom layers of silt which have built up over the years. This creates a medium where bacterial break down by aerobic micro-organisms can take place. The alkalinity of the chalk can reduce acidity of the material and provide essential calcium for plant and animal organisms. Levels of silt are reduced and more water depth is created.

The chalk is applied to the surface of the water from a boat. It is spread as evenly as possible, at a rate of 1000kg per acre. However, this can be doubled in severe cases of silt build-up.

We have been applying this product to its own growing ponds for over 25 years, in order to neutralise fish waste. We have also found by applying chalk to natural wild ponds, we can increase the existing fish harvest by 100%.

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