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Framlingham Fisheries has been treating aquatic plants for 23 years and have tackled almost every situation.

While aquatic weed has many beneficial attributes, there are times when you have too much of a certain species, or simply taking over chocking the entire water body. While aquatic plants produce oxygen via photosynthesis during the day, at night they respire using oxygen which can lead to low oxygen levels. Excessive weed growth can also cause practical problems with fishing and boating activities.

Large amounts of weed sealed beneath ice, can have fatal consequences on fauna populations.

Alien species such as Parrots feather, Australian swap stonecrop and floating pennywort are also becoming more of a problem, out competing our native species, and chocking our waterways.

Our staff are fully trained, experienced and carry the relevant PA1/PA-6B Certificates required when using aquatic herbicides. Approved by the Environment Agency.

Most chemicals are applied from a boat to gain maximum effect and access. You are obliged to inform the E.A. of chemical treatment intentions; this can be done on your behalf and is usually a formality with our certification.

We have extensive experience in the use of water dyes for the control of aquatic weed and algae. This new water treatment can be both effective and environmentally friendly.

Although aquatic plants play no part in the benefit of fish production they do have a value in cosmetics and protecting fish from cormorants and other predators. Well managed beds of lilies not only look magnificent, they also give the angler a feature to fish towards. Bank side reed and rush also provide excellent cover, providing a haven for wildlife and giving anglers a feeling of seclusion. We are able to supply bare rotted native marginal plants and lilies.

If you have any questions regarding your aquatic plants, please get in contact with us.

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